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Instant Photo of the Week – 7/29/13

These two are non wedding photos but show how far The Impossible Project’s color 680 speed film has come. Not very long ago the color film was extremely temperamental, sensitive to light far longer than would be ideal requiring you to shade your image immediately after it was ejected from the camera. Even still you […]

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Instant Photo of the Week – 7/17/13

Another 80 ASA Type 100 “Chocolate” exposure run through the 195 with the portrait kit. The 1952 Portrait Kit is probably my favourite Polaroid attachment. It makes an already amazing camera able to make exceptional pictures. Shortening the focusing distance allows you to get much closer to your subject and by doing so decreases your […]

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Instant Photo of the Week 7/12/13

Shot in the Polaroid 195 with the portrait adaptor on Expired Type 100, 80 ASA Chocolate Polaroid Stock. This is the sort of photo that Instagram or Hipstamatic attempts to replicate but for me, there is just no substitute for the real thing, and this classic stock is as real as it gets. Unfortunately, my […]

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Instant Photo of the Week – 7/6/13

This weeks photo is shot on peel apart Type 100 Fuji FP-100c film, which you can still buy today. This stock is one of only 2 Type 100 films that are still available new. The future looks grim, however, earlier this year Fuji discontinued their 100 ASA black and white film as well as their […]

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Instant Photo of the Week 6/8/13

Shot on expired 1500 ASA Sepia Polaroid stock on a 195 firing a strobe via Pocket Wizard.

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