Instant Photo of the Week – 7/29/13

These two are non wedding photos but show how far The Impossible Project’s color 680 speed film has come. Not very long ago the color film was extremely temperamental, sensitive to light far longer than would be ideal requiring you to shade your image immediately after it was ejected from the camera. Even still you could over expose the film by 2 stops just from the light leaking in around the edges of the “protected” print. Their newest color film, is as you see very, very nice. This is direct from camera, unedited, and most importantly, un-sheilded image. The color is great and the ease of use is incredible. If any of you are interested in purchasing film from them, please reach out to me and allow me to add you to my referral list, it helps me gain access to test film materials and also affords me a slight discount which is fantastic, especially for my current 8×10 instant obsession. At almost $30 an exposure any discount is a good discount. Thanks for reading through my thoughts on this one, as you can see I am very excited by the film. Enjoy the Ben Franklin Bridge and a Colorful Fire Hydrant

F a c e B o o k
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