Genet and Kevin – Ballroom at the Ben – Philadelphia – 3/8/14

When you walk into a hotel suite to the sounds of laughter and the sight of big broad smiles, you get the sense that it is going to be a good day. Genet and Kevin had just that, a good day, no, make that a great day. As Dana from Beautiful Brides Philly and her crew made everyone’s hair and makeup looking great, I got to work shooting Genet’s gorgeous dress and details. Also, as I predicted, we finally turned the corner on winter and had wonderful weather, allowing us to hit all the spots we wanted to.  We even made it back to The Ballroom and the Ben in time for cocktails and one last photo op on the veranda. Jaclyn from Two Little Birds Planning made everyone’s day super smooth, getting us where we needed to be on time and looking fabulous.

Christy and Colin – San Francisco Wedding – 3/2/14

When one of your oldest friends tells you they are getting married and asks if you would photograph their wedding, you make it happen. Even if that means leaving directly from the wedding the night before to go home, shower, grab fresh batteries and head to the airport for a six am flight. Which is exactly what I did Saturday night into Sunday morning. Christy and Colin, their families and friends, made the trip worth every single missed moment of sleep. We had an absolute blast walking around The Embarcadero making pictures before boarding The California Spirit for their ceremony while touring the bay. The views of the city, Alcatraz, The Bay Bridge, and The Golden Gate Bridge were magnificent, though they did seem a bit small compared to the Love on the boat that was shared by all that assembled to share Christy and Colin’s day. I only wish I could have processed and scanned all the film and Impossible Project instant stock I shot last night to post today. Please enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed shooting them.

Instant Photo of the Week – 7/29/13

These two are non wedding photos but show how far The Impossible Project’s color 680 speed film has come. Not very long ago the color film was extremely temperamental, sensitive to light far longer than would be ideal requiring you to shade your image immediately after it was ejected from the camera. Even still you could over expose the film by 2 stops just from the light leaking in around the edges of the “protected” print. Their newest color film, is as you see very, very nice. This is direct from camera, unedited, and most importantly, un-sheilded image. The color is great and the ease of use is incredible. If any of you are interested in purchasing film from them, please reach out to me and allow me to add you to my referral list, it helps me gain access to test film materials and also affords me a slight discount which is fantastic, especially for my current 8×10 instant obsession. At almost $30 an exposure any discount is a good discount. Thanks for reading through my thoughts on this one, as you can see I am very excited by the film. Enjoy the Ben Franklin Bridge and a Colorful Fire Hydrant

Instant Photo of the Week – 7/17/13

Another 80 ASA Type 100 “Chocolate” exposure run through the 195 with the portrait kit. The 1952 Portrait Kit is probably my favourite Polaroid attachment. It makes an already amazing camera able to make exceptional pictures. Shortening the focusing distance allows you to get much closer to your subject and by doing so decreases your depth of field enabling you to get some very nice subject / background separation. Enjoy this lovely portrait!

Instant Photo of the Week 7/12/13

Shot in the Polaroid 195 with the portrait adaptor on Expired Type 100, 80 ASA Chocolate Polaroid Stock. This is the sort of photo that Instagram or Hipstamatic attempts to replicate but for me, there is just no substitute for the real thing, and this classic stock is as real as it gets. Unfortunately, my stock pike is dwindling, but for now I’m enjoying every exposure and I hope you all do as well.

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